A geothermal flow center for your home – geothermal heating systems

geothermal_flow_centerGeothermal heating system is a modern money-saving way to regulate home temperature. The best part about installing such a system in your house is its Eco-friendliness. Can there be anything better than combing Eco-friendliness along with in-expensiveness. Some people say that the initial cost for setting up such a system is very high. Although this is true up to some extent, there is a lot more to know in this context. The houses installing this system avail a great deal of tax credits from the governments for saving energy and participating in the Eco-friendly drive. Moreover the cost of heating is considerably lower than the other ways. This makes the initial investment worth it. Stay assured a geothermal heating system will save you a considerable sum of money. A geothermal flow center is a very important component of the whole system.

Some basic knowledge about the geothermal heating system -

These work by harnessing the earth’s heat. It keeps the house comfortable and warm without causing any kind of harm to the environment as the traditional methods did. During the warmer days of the year, the earth accumulates heat through absorption that remains there even during the colder periods. The heat absorbed by the earth is more than 500 times than that we can use.Not just the absorbed heat but the earth itself also generates a considerable amount of heat through decay of minerals, etc.

The working of the system is quite comparable to that of underground caves. It keeps the place cool during warm weather conditions and vice versa. A geothermal heating system uses a device known as the ground source heat pump that brings this heat to the house. It works at an efficiency of around 400% in the whole process which makes it quite effective. The whole installation process involves the digging of about two meters’ deep trenches around the house in which pipes are laid. The main purpose of these pipes is to let the water and antifreeze flow through them so as to absorb the heat of the ground. As soon as this water reaches the heat pump, the heat content in it is compressed which magnifies the heat produced. This heat is then circulated in the house. Usually and preferably an underground heating system is used.

Components –

There are 3 important components of this system. First – the loops of dense polyethylene pumps (pipes) that are buried underground. Second – an indoor heat compressor (motor pump) and heat exchanger that transfers the heat from the house to the ground and vice versa. Third – is a geothermal flow center that connects both of these. It is indeed one of the most important components of the whole system.There is a good heat distribution system which helps in even distribution of heat. These also act as heat absorbers during summer to transfer the heat to the ground and make the place cooler. Also, you can have some add-ons to the system to make it even more effective and efficient. These may include multiple speed compressors, variable speed blowers and so on. These two add-ons help in adjusting the time taken for house to heat or cool. Thus they function like regulators. Also, there can also be de-super-heaters installed in the system. These devices take advantage of the excess heat that is generated to heat up water in the house. This can prove to be very handy during the cold season as it helps in saving lots of fuel which is otherwise used up to heat water.

Benefits -

Taking into consideration the tax benefits that the government gives and all the fuel savings, it is a very good alternative for keeping the temperature of a house regulated. Also, it helps in preserving the vulnerable fossil fuels which are otherwise used for generating heat. The scarce electricity is also saved. Moreover, all these fuels are quite expensive. The geothermal heating is very cheap in comparison. It can save at least 75% of your energy bills that is consumed for the purpose of regulating the temperature of the house. This is indeed a great way to reduce the emission of carbon di oxide as fossil fuels are not burnt. So this is dual-benefiting cost wise and responsibility wise. It surely gives us an opportunity to contribute our part towards the environment.

One key benefit of this system is that it can be reversed and can be used to cool the home during the warmer months. Can there be anything better than this? This reduces the need for air conditioners considerably. Hence, works doubly throughout the year to save money and energy. The whole system is really very easy to maintain. It requires no annual servicing or checks. The size of the pump is very small. You can compare it with the size of a small refrigerator. Therefore not much space of your house is consumed by this system.The on-site emissions are the lowest in this case as compared to any other heating system.

Some other important facts -

There are some people who would ask – what about the energy that is required to run the motor? For them it’s worth knowing that the consumption is much lower than that which would have been used to heat up the entire house. Moreover, solar energy can be used by the installation of solar panels in the home to provide the required energy to the pump. The whole system will be much more cost-effective.

There are also questions regarding the initial investment. Yes, the initial outlay is reasonably large. However, looking at the savings that you are going to make through the installation, stay assured that this will be covered in a matter of five to seven years’ time. After this, all that you receive is just savings in your pocket. Additionally, you also get tax benefits from the government if you comply with all the regulations attached.


This system is a very effective one in keeping the temperature of a house regulated. It helps in saving a considerable sum of money on energy bills. Moreover, by the use of this system you can make your contribution towards a healthier environment. Also, there are not many worries with regard to its maintenance.